2023 Water Allocation

Jul 5, 2023

Notice to All Irrigators – July 5, 2023 

The St. Mary River Irrigation District water allocation for the 2023 water season continues at 14” of water per acre, at the farm gate.
This is supported by the latest Irrigation Water Supply Forecast prepared by Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation, which monitors snowpack, precipitation and reservoir storage. 

 Based on current storage and demand, we do not believe we need to reduce the water allocation this year. However, please be reminded:

  • Reducing return flows will help ensure more water is left for next year.  We can reduce return flows by cooperating with your Water Coordinator by always ordering water on and off every time you irrigate.  Not ordering water off will result in water wasted as spill.
  • Please irrigate responsibly.  Any wasteful irrigation practices will reduce the water available for next year.
  • Based on current demand and storage levels, we will be heading into fall with lower than average storage unless we get some significant precipitation events before September. 

 Thank you in advance for being responsible irrigators. 


David Westwood
General Manager
St. Mary River Irrigation District