Water Flow Travel Time

The SMRID is proud of the ability of the staff to efficiently deliver water to approximately 2,000 irrigators who irrigate over 504,000 acres of land.

This is done by diverting almost 500,000 ac/ft of water per year through 2,500 kilometers of canals and pipeline.

Through timely ordering SMRID staff are able to ensure that water goes to the irrigated fields and not spilled to the return flow.

It’s important to consider the following when ordering your water; know your Water Coordinator, know your land location for your water order, remember to order on/off and understand the water travel time to your area. See Reservoirs and Timing Map for more.

Talk to your Water Coordinator if you have any questions.

SMRID Irrigation block numbers

SMRID has four irrigation blocks:

Block 1

Ridge Reservoir to Stafford Reservoir & Verdigris

Block 2

Stafford Reservoir to 40 Mile reservoir

Block 3

40 Mile Reservoir to Sauder Reservoir

Block 4

Sauder Reservoir to Bullshead Reservoir (Medicine Hat)