Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I sign up for the water ordering app?

To set up your account, click this link.
You can learn more about the WaterMaster app here.

How Do I Make a Bill Payment?

  • Cash
  • Cheque - bring in your cheque during business hours or drop it off at the mailbox outside our offices during non-working hours
  • Debit card (only at the Lethbridge and Taber offices)
  • Online banking through the following institutions:
    - ATB Financial
    - Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
    - Bank of Montreal (BMO)
    - CIBC
    - Scotia Bank
    - All Credit Unions

For customers that do not bank with the above financial institutions, send your payment by E- transfer.

Email to use: jlam@smrid.com

Password: Input your SMRID account number as shown on your invoice.

Please note: If your SMRID account number is less than six digits, put zeros before your number so that the number adds up to six digits; however, if your financial institution requires nine digits, add zeros before your number so that our account number totals to nine digits.

If your account number is 12345, input our account number as follows in your online banking:

  • If your bank requires six digits - 012345
  • If your bank requires nine digits - 000012345

As a water user, what information should I have when I call SMRID?

Have your name and account number as it shows on your SMRID invoice.

When do I get billed for my payment?

  • Permanent acres, Leases and Annual agreements are billed out in the spring.
  • Water Conveyance agreements are billed out in November/December.
  • Household Purpose agreements are billed out in December.

When is the water turned on/off?

Water is turned on early in the month of May and turned off mid-October. Always check with your Water Coordinator for more details and/or changes.

Who is my water coordinator?

See our list of Water Coordinators.

Are your offices open during statutory holidays?

Our offices are closed during all statutory holidays.

Can I walk along SMRID canal banks?

Yes, only foot traffic is allowed. You need to give right-of-way to SMRID equipment using our banks.

Can I drive on SMRID canal banks?

Driving on SMRID canal banks is not allowed.

Can I hunt on SMRID property?

No hunting without permission from SMRID.

Can I swim in SMRID canals?

No. Swimming in SMRID canals is strictly prohibited.

Can I fish in SMRID reservoirs?

Yes, you can, with appropriate fishing license. Please remember if you "pack it in, please pack it out".

PLEASE NOTE: SMRID does not monitor and accepts no responsibility for any type of fishing on our property including measuring ice thickness. As in the Alberta Guide to Sportsfishing Regulations, anglers are responsible for measuring their own ice. Please be advised that anglers are financially responsible for the recovery of vehicles which have fallen through the ice.

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