2023 Water Allocation

Aug 30, 2023

Notice to All Irrigators

August 30, 2023

As you are aware, below average snowmelt this spring and hot dry conditions this growing season have led to below average water supplies in the provincial headwater reservoirs this autumn.  St. Mary Reservoir, which is the largest reservoir in the St. Mary irrigation system, is currently at 3% of its designed full supply storage.

While we are working towards completing the 2023 irrigation season without major detriment, the situation could become dire for the 2024 season if we do not receive an average or above average volume of snow melt.

The St. Mary River Irrigation District also provides water to many municipalities between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat and water storage is imperative for their residents throughout the winter.

The Government of Alberta department of Agriculture and Irrigation has requested all Irrigation Districts to please conduct fall operations with the spirit of water conservation, including minimizing post-harvest irrigation of unseeded acres and to consider not using your full water allocation if not required on your farm this season.


David Westwood
General Manager
St. Mary River Irrigation District