SMRID Construction Deadline

Dec 14, 2022

Dear Irrigator,

Please note that there is a February 1st, 2023 deadline for scheduling construction for new irrigation turnouts and other miscellaneous construction that District Water Users may request.

This includes:

  • Pipeline risers (new or relocation)
  • Canal turnouts
  • Culvert installations

If you require a new delivery or other construction, please submit your request as soon as possible, since the February 1st deadline does not guarantee execution by the District. We are still experiencing supply issues for PVC pipe, steel and other materials. Aside from the physical construction, it takes time to complete surveys, design drawings, acquire materials, crossing agreements, easements, etc.

The District will do our best to accommodate your request prior to spring start-up 2023 but after February 1st any new requests that require construction will be for the next irrigation season (Spring 2024).